T is for Twitter


T.jpgIf I heard it once, I heard it 400 times at Norwescon. Twitter, twitter, twitter. Sigh. I’ve been avoiding twitter. But then on the flight home from Legoland this young woman sat in the seat next to me. She pulled out a book, so of course I asked what she was reading. Two and half hours later we landed in Seattle. I knew all about her life including she just left the agency she was with for four years and launched out on her own as….drum roll please…a social media marketing expert. Her advice, Twitter.

Fine. I hear you. The universe has spoken loudly. I signed up for Twitter.

18 thoughts on “T is for Twitter

  1. I have mixed feelings about Twitter. It’s becoming more popular since FB tries to charge for more views. However, that said, it’s still in baby phase (when compared to FB), although it is growing. I am still learning about everything for it though.

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  2. Thus turns out not to be my girl on the plane twitter moment. Finding your blog for the first time while out blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge before hurrying on to visit as many blogs as possible on Sunday, our day off. I am a writer, love social media, but I can’t understand who I would twitter with. I have two published novels under my belt, love blogging, Facebook, texting, BUT haven’t taken the twitter plunge. Accepting that I am missing something, but can’t figure out what. If you have interest or time, I have been writing about hotels and inns, the architects and settings. On the letter T day it was about tea at a lovely hotel yesterday. Join me.

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