The Body in the Pool Chapter 38

The Body in the Pool

Book One of the Dismember Killer Series


Chapter Thirty Eight

“So there’s no usable forensics in the wheelbarrow. Smart.”
“Worse, even if there was I don’t think we can get a warrant for it.”
“What about the knife?” Tom followed up.
“She probably washed it and returned it to her kitchen. And there’s no way we’re getting a warrant for that either. It wouldn’t be probative if we did. She could explain any blood evidence by saying the husband cut himself in the past.”
Tom nodded and took a drink of his own beer. “Your shot.”
Spence swallowed his irritation and studied the table.
“What was the definitive cause of death?” Tom asked as Spence was lining up a shot.
Spence smiled and sunk the three ball anyway. “She smothered him.”
Tom chewed a bite of burger thoroughly. “He just laid there and let her cover his face with a pillow.”
Spence missed his shot on the four ball and the cue ball ended up nowhere near the rail.
“She drugged him with Rohypnol or GHB, something that breaks down similarly.” Spence slapped himself in the forehead.
“Where’d she get the roofie or GHB or whatever she used?”
“Damn I miss you.”
Tom nodded. “Me too.”
“Where does a suburban housewife get illegal drugs?” Spence asked before digging into his own burger.
“Don’t you have Narcotics for that?”
“It was a rhetorical question. Give me a minute.” Spence stepped away from the table to call the office. “Hooper, hey, how’s it?”
“It is. What’s on your mind.”
“I need to know who’s moving Rohypnol out in the burbs. Shadow Brook or Shadow Valley to be specific.”
“How soon do you need it?”
“Tonight. Now.”
“Give me a couple of hours. I’ll have something for you.”
“Thanks, man.” Spence hung up and moved back to the table to finish his meal with Tom.
“Narco have anything for you?”
“In a couple of hours. Any word from the Lieutenant?”
“Investigation is pending. Disciplinary action to come.”
“I tried to go to bat for you. Sell her on the idea you didn’t know Stephanie was a reporter.”
“She buy it from you? Cause she wasn’t having it from me.”
“I don’t know.”
Tom shook his head. “It’s not gonna go my way. I’m not pushing them to wrap things up. I interviewed yesterday in the private sector.”
“For who?”
“Private Military Contractor.”
Spence shook his head. “No way man. You can’t do that.”
“Yeah I can. My options are burned to the ground here. No one is going to hire me after I get fired for cause. I have that solid military background. It might as well be good for something.” Tom chuffed. “Other than meeting you.”
“Do you know how many of those guys don’t come home again?”
Tom shrugged. “It’s all a roll of the dice. Depends on where I get deployed right?”
“Oh man. Don’t. We can work it out here.”
“Work out what. You know what’s coming.”
“At least give me a little time. I’ll wrap up this case. Try to convince the brass.”
Tom laughed. “I appreciate the love.”
“I want you to be around when Junior is born. Literally and figuratively.”
“What if you have a girl?”
“Oh god. Then I need you around to help me move a dead body or two when she’s a teenager.”
When the meal was finished Spence left Tom with a quick back-thumping hug and headed back to the office to see what Hooper might have dug up for him. With twenty-odd hours left to find enough evidence to bring in Arlene Paulson, he couldn’t afford to wait until morning. Nighttime was when the majority of the dealers were active. If he could get a line on her possible dealer, he could set up a buy tonight and roll the dealer for testimony on Arlene by morning.

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