The Body in the Pool Chapter 41

The Body in the Pool

Book One of the Dismember Killer Series


Chapter Forty One

Spence typed the name of the country club into his GPS and had to laugh.
“What’s funny?”
“Mountain Springs Country Club is on Mountain Springs Road in the adorable hamlet of Mountain Springs.”
Melanie laughed. “Sometimes you gotta wonder about people with money.”
Spence put the car in reverse and they pulled away from Casey Jackson’s home. Their destination was back through Shadow Valley, a minuscule blip of a town that could almost be missed if you blinked too long. The country club was the exception.
A long curving drive wound its way between golf greens. A palatial building contrasted heavily with their last stop. Lights glittered in the evergreens spaced evenly on either side of the walk from the parking lot to the club itself. Twelve foot high wooden slat double doors greeted them.
Spence whispered to Melanie, “We ain’t in Kansas anymore.”
“And I thought the Academy was money,” she responded.
“They will want a warrant.”
“Oh yeah.”
Spence grabbed a hold of the four-foot long wrought iron door pull. The door swung much easier than he anticipated causing him to stumble back a step.
Melanie bit her lip to keep from laughing.
The moment they crossed the threshold a young woman dressed in a dove gray suit approached them. “May I help you?”
Spence smiled and subtly flashed his identification. “We have a couple of quick questions.”
“Of course. Please follow me.” She escorted them away from the bar and dining room which were visible through a large arch and down a long hallway to a small seating alcove with fantastic full height glass windows looking out over the lit golf course. “If you’ll wait here, I will fetch the manager.”
She moved away quickly, her two inch kittens heels making almost no sound on the marble floor.
“This place is giving me a complex, even her voice sounded rich,” Melanie groused.
“And she works here. Imagine the members.” Spence shook his head.
The manager did not keep them waiting long. “I understand you are members of our fine sheriff’s office. How may I assist you?”
“I have a few questions for you which may sound odd but I am not at liberty to ask directly what I need to know.”
“We must go round about things. I understand perfectly.”
Spence smiled. This place. “If someone who was not a member wanted to gain access to the facilities, how might they go about it?”
“I suppose anyone could walk in our front door, as you did this evening. However, as you observed this evening, they would immediately be greeted by a member of our staff.”
Melanie stifled the urge to giggle and asked, “I know clubs that offer single day use passes for purchase.”
“We do not offer that option. This club is for the use of our members and their guests.”
“Do guests need to register?”
“Of course.”
“If I gave you a name, could you confirm if this person is a member or has ever attended your club as a guest?”
“It would be against our policies to reveal the private business of our members and their guests.”
Spence sighed. “It is a matter of life and death. Someone will get away with murder if we can’t find a way to stop her.”
“And knowing if she has attended this club will assist you in that endeavor?” The manager sounded skeptical.
“It’s a matter of knowing if she was here to receive delivery of certain goods we know came into this country club on certain days.”
There was a long minute of silence before the manager said, “Very well. What is the name?”
“Arlene Paulson.”
“I shall return shortly. Please continue to wait here.”
Spence nodded.
Melanie pursed her lips and released a long exhale. “I might need to change my mind about the rich. I thought he would stonewall.”
“I think he has brains capable of actual thought,” Spence answered.
Melanie’s phone chirped. “Incoming text from dispatch.” She read. “They found Casey Jackson. He’s being brought back to the office. He’ll be waiting for us in interrogation when we get back.”
“Nice. Once we clear this end up, we can see why he thought it prudent to run.”
“Prudent?” Melanie asked with a laugh.
“I think this place is rubbing off on me.”
“Excuse me, detectives?” The same young woman in dove gray stood behind them, her hands clasped behind her back. “Our manager asked me to pass a message onto you. The name you gave him is not in our system.”
“And if it’s not in your system, she’s never been here.”
“That is correct. Can I do anything else for you?”
“No, thank you. We’ll show ourselves out.” Spence was even more eager to talk to Casey now that their other viable option had been eliminated.

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