The Body in the Pool Chapter 43

The Body in the Pool

Book One of the Dismember Killer Series


Chapter Forty Three

The on-call district attorney verbally agreed to make a deal and agreed to fax over the paperwork forthwith if she didn’t have to drive in from home. That was fine with Spence. He still needed to explain it to the kid.
Spence ran up to the fourth floor to create the array. He needed five similar looking pictures, plus Arlene’s. They had files for this. All arranged by type: age, hair color, sex. Drag and drop. Then hit print. By the time Spence had everything arranged and ran back downstairs, Melanie had the deal hot off the fax machine, complete with the attorney’s signature.
Spence slipped both into a folder and went back into interrogation.
“Listen, Casey, I want you to refuse to look at my photo array.”
“Do me a favor and refuse.”
“Will you still walk Brutus?”
“I refuse to look at your photo array.”
Spence nodded. “Demand a deal.”
“I want a deal.”
Spence smiled. “Nice. Here you go kid.” He pulled the authorization from the DA out of the folder and laid it on the table in front of Casey.
“What’s this?”
“A deal from the district attorney offering you immunity in exchange for your identification and testimony regarding the woman who bribed you to act as her courier. It needs your signature.” Spence laid a pen down on top of the document.
Casey stared at the pen then back up at Spence. “Why are you helping me?”
“It’s about time someone did.”
Casey signed the deal. Spence put it back in the folder. He signaled Melanie through the glass and waited for her to come in to the room. “We need to be able to say I couldn’t have swayed you in any way regarding this identification. Another detective is going to come in, give you the array, and ask you to identify anyone you might recognize.”
It took Melanie no time to enter the room and identify herself as Detective Witlow. She took the prepared array from Spence. “Casey, I am going to place six pictures in front of you. I would like you to look closely at them and let me know if you have seen any of the people before.”
Melanie laid the pictures down.
Casey studied them closely. “Number four.”
“You’ve seen the woman in picture number four before?”
“Yeah. She’s the woman who paid me to be her mailman.”
“Did either I or Detective Thomas suggest to you in anyway which picture to choose?”
“No. That’s her.”
“Thank you, Casey.” Melanie left the room with the pictures.
“You said earlier you didn’t even spend the money. Did you put it in the bank?”
“No it’s still in the envelope between the mattress and box springs on my bed.”
“I need that money Casey. Her fingerprints on that money, corroborates your story.”
“Oh. Ok. They took my keys when they brought me in here. I’m sure they’d give them to you though. Go help yourself.”
Spence nodded. “Good man. Give it a couple of hours for this paperwork to go through and we’ll get you back home.”
“Thanks. It’s real nice of you to help me.”
Spence nodded. “I’ll get your statement transcribed and sent down here for your signature. Knock on the door if you need anything.” He hated to leave the kid there. It was temporary and he had a big fish to land.
After he left the room he arranged for the transcription and told the supervising deputy Casey was a witness to be taken care of, not a perp to be boxed. Spence signed on the deal and handed the paperwork to the clerk. “Get this processed as quick as you can. I don’t really have time to walk a dog tomorrow morning.”
The clerk raised an eyebrow and nodded.
Spence stopped by booking and signed out Casey’s keys. Then he ran back up four flights. At her computer, Melanie had almost completed the warrant for Arlene Paulson’s arrest.
“Who’s on night court?”
“No one.”
“What? Since when?”
“Since the judge on duty got food poisoning on his lunch break and threw up on the bench. I just got off the phone with the bailiff.”
“Crap. How long?”
“I’m planning to call every judge’s clerk who likes us and leave a message. Face it, it’s going to be morning before anyone sees this.”
Spence looked at his watch.
“Don’t remind me how many hours ‘til Arlene leaves the country.”
Spence looked at his watch again. “Crap, I never called Tess.”
Melanie shook her head as she dialed the phone. “Not going to touch that. I have clerks to call.”
“Give me half your list.” Spence reached out his hand while pulling his cell phone to text his wife. Sorry, case breaking.
He had time to call three different clerks and leave messages before Tess texted him back. Sorry, dog fur on your pillow.
At least she wasn’t too mad.
Spence sent Melanie home around two in the morning to get what sleep she could. He drove out to Casey’s to pick up the cash and walked it into evidence processing personally.
On the way back in, he stopped at the desk sergeant to beg a favor. “I promised this witness that I would walk his neighbor’s dog in the morning but I need to be at the court house bright and early. Any chance you could send a patrol car over?”
“To walk a dog?”
“Come on, man. Help me out.”
The sergeant stared at Spence. “You remember that German Chocolate Macaroon cake your wife made for the Christmas social last year.”
“Well so does my wife. It’s her birthday next week. Get your wife to bake me one of them and I’ll get the dog walked.”
Spence laughed. “You got a deal. Here’s address. The old lady’s name is Mrs. Semple and her dog is Brutus.”
“What time?”
“Six-thirty if you can.”
“No problem.”

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