The Body in the Pool Chapter 47

The Body in the Pool

Book One of the Dismember Killer Series


Chapter Forty Seven

It was late when Spence finally made it home that night. He had taken the extra time to drive Casey back to his house. To stop at the Rusty Porpoise and explain to Casey’s boss that the kid wasn’t in trouble with the police, he had in fact helped them close a major homicide.
Tess was waiting up on the couch, her feet on a pillow on the coffee table, a second pillow waiting right next to hers. “Hi love.”
Spence threw his coat over the easy chair and flopped down next to her, patting the couch next to him for Butch to jump up. “That might have been the longest day of my life.” He laid his head on her belly bump.
Tess stroked his hair. “You caught the bad guy, right?”
“It was a bad girl this time and, yeah, we got her.”
Tess kissed his head. “Your job is a lot harder than I realized.”
“I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Tess laughed. “You don’t have to say that to make me feel useful.”
“No, seriously. If it wasn’t for you, this case might have fallen all apart. You and your grandmother’s German Chocolate Macaroon cake.” Spence held his breath.
“You want me to give the recipe for-”
Spence interrupted her before she got rolling. “Not the recipe. Just bake the cake?”
“That must be some story. I’ll bake it. You have to help though since I helped you with your case.”
They sat in comfortable silence. The fire crackled. The dog snored. The baby kicked at Spence’s cheek.
“What’s going to happen to Tom?” Tess asked quietly.
“I don’t know. He thinks his career’s over. He’s interviewing with private contractors.”
“Private contractors? Like personal security?”
“No, not exactly. Private military contractors.”
“Oh,” Tess paused, “No. You need to go see the lieutenant tomorrow. Stand up for Tom.”
“I already tried that.”
“You solved a major case.” Tess lifted Spence’s head off her belly by gentle force. “Don’t tell me you don’t have credit right now. Spend it on Tom.”
“Yes, ma’am.”

The next morning Spence headed into the office. He wanted to finish up the paperwork on the Paulson case. While he was there, he’d work out what to say to the lieutenant come Monday morning. As he drove up he noticed a large contingent of people on the front steps. He decided getting a few questions might be worth hearing what the brass was saying about the case. He skipped the stairs from the garage into the building and walked around the front.
His lieutenant and the mayor were holding court.
“Thanks to the tireless efforts of our detectives a brutal murder has been solved and millions in embezzled funds can be returned to the fine organizations which need them, like our own Whispering Evergreen Academy, a Seattle area institution. Your alma mater, right mayor?”
“Indeed. I want to thank Lieutenant Christine Polaski and her team for all their fine work. We’ll answer questions now.”
Spence nodded to himself. Tess was right, he had credit.
Rather than his office, he went to the lieu’s and waited. When she returned, the mayor was with her.
“We are working the Dismember case of course. Random murders are much harder to solve than cases like the Paulson murder.” She stopped short. “Detective Thomas. Mayor Sterland, this is Detective Thomas. He led the team that solved the Paulson murder.”
Spence reached out to shake hands. “Mayor.” He nodded a greeting.
“Did you need something Thomas?”
“I wanted to speak with you about resources.” Spence carefully selected a buzz word to get the mayor’s attention.
“A fine job, detective. Christine, I’ll let you get to business. I’m sure we want to do all we can to help Detective Thomas catch the Dismember Killer.”
As the mayor stepped away the lieu burned holes in Spence’s face with her eyes. “Slick.”
“Don’t you want to do all you can to help me catch Dismember?” Spence asked carefully.
“I am not giving you Harding back.”
“Then transfer him but keep him on. Give him a second chance to prove himself.”
A sound not unlike a hiss reverberated. “You’re pushing it.”
“As far as I can,” Spence agreed.
“I’ll take it under consideration.”
“Thank you.”

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