The Body in the Pool Chapter 48

The Body in the Pool

Book One of the Dismember Killer Series


Chapter Forty Eight

The weekend passed quiet and uneventful. Spence helped bake the cake. He took a six-hour hike with Casey and Tom. Butch and Brutus got along fine.
Monday the team was back pushing paper, looking for a lead on Dismember. Spence was considering going home early to make up for the previous week when Tom stuck his head into the team room.
“Look what the cat dragged in,” Barnes said with a touch of anger in his voice.
“Hey, guys.” Tom waved with one hand while the other sat on his hip, next to his shield.
Spence jumped up from his desk. “You’re back?”
“Not exactly.” Tom crossed to his desk. “I’m here to pack up my stuff.”
“She didn’t can you. You have your badge and it’s still gold.”
“Yeah. She thinks I need time to cool my heels.” Tom said with a laugh.
“What does that mean?”
“She transferred me. To Cold Case.”
Spence coughed. “Oh. That sucks.”
From his desk Barnes called, “She could have shit-canned you.”
“I know, man. And you probably think I deserve it. If you have things to say, I’ll take it.”
“Uh-huh. Will you tell your girlfriend later?”
Tom shook his head. “Not happening.”
Barnes nodded and turned back to his computer.
“Cold Case, huh? It’s better than nothing.”
“Yeah. Yeah, it is.” Tom frowned at his desk. “Who cleaned?”
Barnes and Spence laughed. “Tess.”
“You had Tess in here cleaning my desk?”
“Maybe.” Spence laughed. “I found tickets to a Mariners game from three years ago buried in that mess.”
“I remember that game, we got a call out on our way to Safeco field.”
“The good ole days. You need a hand boxing everything up?”
Melanie’s voice interrupted the flow. “Hold that thought Spence. Good to see you Tom. We caught a body. You coming with us, Tom?” Her question asked more than the words said.
“Wish I could. Transfered. Cold Case.”
“Siberia sucks my friend.” Melanie crossed to his desk and gave Tom a hug. “You’ll survive.”
Melanie grabbed her coat, Barnes met her at the door. Spence slapped Tom on the back. “See you soon.” To Melanie he asked, “Where’s this body?”
“Gasworks Park, Wallingford. Body’s hanging from the superstructure.”

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