Book Review: Scratch

I was at the library with four kids, waiting for my friend to pick up her three. She had just arrived and we were chatting quietly, our three minute catch up on our lives, when mid sentence Scratch edited by Manjula Martin caught my eye. It has a big pen on the front. LOL. I grabbed it and took it home, where it lingered unread(unloved) for some weeks while I read other things. What a mistake.

When I finally opened it, I found a magical world of writers. Martin interviewed and persuaded various authors to write or talk about the art of writing. Mostly she was looking to break the silence on how much people actually get paid, when she argues we must talk about or writers will continue to be paid a mere pittance. But what was revealed was so much more.

I could highlight all day. It’s the raw, honest truth behind a public success or failure. Big names baring their pain at being consider a trash writer because they are popularly successful, not literary. That hurts. I always thought being widely read was the make or break for me. Oh well, I’ll wait til I’m in her shoes to make that call.

People I have never heard of sharing how their impossible novel got picked up. I have new books to read now.

℘℘℘℘℘ – Five Pages. I have never read a non fiction book so rapt. I wanted to read faster. I was irritated at distractions.