Scripting the Truth

Scripting the Truth is the debut novel for author T.A. Henry. Years of research went into the crafting of what is essentially a work of fiction but that was based on as much truth as possible.

T.A. Henry studied World History at University with an emphasis on the wars of the 20th century. In addition, prior to crafting this work, the author read a number of biographies from World War II military nurses so that the stories she invented for the characters would ring true.

All restaurants, bars, drinks, cars, clothes, titles, and clubs are true to the time period. Some of them even exist today.

One example of the research that went into this novel surrounds the Grosvenor Square house. The author got blueprints (online) for every house that was standing on the square in 1946 and found one that would accommodate the lay out she had in mind prior to giving the house an address. It’s a small throw away line in the novel but one that would catch the author out if done incorrectly by anyone in the know.

This attention to detail was applied to all aspects of the novel. Enjoy!