Tuesday, all my troubles seemed so far away…

back when I was on that cruise, hitting yoga every day, three massages, a facial, ionithermie for those flappy bits….Kids camp for the kiddo. Time alone. Time with hubby alone. Someone else cooking and cleaning. Books to read. Sun to soak up. We took the kiddo snorkeling, boogie boarding, and tubing for the first time. He loved all three. We loved all three.

and then we came home to five new leaks in the roof of our house including one that was spewing out an electrical socket. Bleep, Bleep, Explicative, Bleep.

We so should have had the roof repaired while we were gone but the hubby was concerned about announcing our home would be empty to a bunch of strangers who would know where we live. As opposed to you all who don’t know where we live. LOL

so while the hubby works from home to deal with that today, I am back on the normal schedule of kiddo to coop, blog work, and grocery shopping.

Thinking back on that amazing vacation, I must say I actually stopped thinking about book sales and blog posts and my virtual book tour. I barely thought about Nano which is right around the corner. I gave a little time to the niggling little nightmare that maybe, just maybe, I don’t have another book percolating in my brain. oh god, did I really write that out loud?

I’ll even shout it.


gulp. ok, so I said it. It’s out there. And I have to wonder, do other people feel that way? Come on, tell me I’m not alone in this. Or tell me I’m a freak. I’m a big girl I can handle it. LOL

9 thoughts on “Tuesday, all my troubles seemed so far away…

  1. It’s there…Don’t worry, just start writing. It’s totally going to be there. I never know what I’m going to write. That’s why the found of NaNoWriMo called his book ‘No Plot, No Problem’. Follow Chris Baty…you will find the next book in you.
    Also, chat with our friend Winney. She had this crisis last year and has almost finished her invisible story. Never fear!!

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  2. Guess what? We are writers. Yes, we are. And we wouldn’t be writers if we didn’t have ten, twenty, thirty stories in us. We just wouldn’t. So here’s what you do. Empty that brain of yours of the orc that says, “You don’t have another book in you. Nyah nyah nyah.” His name is Herman and he is a real nasty fellow. Then start your story with this line: “My neighbor knocked on my door.”

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  3. yeah, you’re a freak… I’m the only one with the wallies to say it!! lol NOT!!! make that you’re first line… I’m a freak! I know you have many more stories circling in your head… didn’t you tell me last year about your love of horses… and some thing you wanted to write about there? we were at Panera??? Sorry I can’t remember, but you had a story in mind. šŸ™‚

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