I hate flying

Someone shared their cold. And I am sick, ass kicking, sinus swollen sick. Why, why does this happen every year right before nano? Ok maybe not every year but close enough for me to be not surprised when I get sick the last week in October.

Nano. It’s coming and soon. In fact Saturday night is the First Minute kick off party. I love the excitement around a first minute party. People making small talk about their upcoming book, discussing their writing style, sharing their concerns about characters…then at 1159PM everyone gets their fingers ready, poised on laptop keys, deep breath, it’s midnight: type, type, type.

whew. I got chills just typing that or maybe that’s the fever….

Anyway let’s talk blog changes for the month of November. All normal posts are canceled. No book reviews. No workshop weekends. Instead I will post each and every day about the fun of reaching 50,000 words in 30 days or less.

I will discuss the day. Provide my stats. Provide an excerpt from something I wrote that day. And finally a character bio, usually featured in that day’s excerpt. Oh and a picture as I imagine the character.

Here’s to coffee, late nights, anguish and thrill, in equal parts.

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