nano 2015 #14

Good afternoon! I know it’s super early to be posting this but I just got home from a write in, so I won;t be writing this afternoon (husband and child need time) and I have plans to go out tonight, so likely nothing further will get added today.

Despite being beyond tired from last night’s event and my husband’s pager going off twice in the night (I hate on call as much as he does), I got some words written today. Some of them even make sense. LOL.

Words Written Today: 2196

Time Spent: 2 hours give or take a chat or two

Total Words: 23624

Estimated Completion Date : November 30th.

Did you notice I’m back on track? Yeah, Team Me! Ok so I a the only one writing this novel but everyone who lets me pester them with questions, shows up to write ins to encourage me, and lends me such interesting character traits to modify for my own uses is part of team me. If I forgot you in the above list, ask yourself if you are actually participating in my life. LOL


I let a tear roll out of my eye and down my cheek. “Oh god. And now I’m leaking like a whiny girl.”
“Sometimes leaking like a whiny girl is good for the soul.” Quinn placed a hand on mine and gave me a gentle squeeze.
“I had Spence, Detective Thomas over for dinner last night.”
“Tess, you bad, bad girl. I thought you liked him the way you talked about him after the, well the mess at the club. How did it go?”
“Not good. I mean I think it was going well at first. We kind of had a little argument about me trying to get information about the investigation and how I should really just stay out of it which lead to us kissing.”
“How was it?”
“Amazing. But then he got a call from the medical examiner and just left, so abruptly.”
“Oh.” Quinn drew out the word to express so much more than a simple letter sound.
“I know. And on top of all that I think my clients are avoiding me. Like somehow I’m tainted with Harold Paulson’s dead body.”
“Oh.” Now the sound conveyed horror. “That’s so not ok. Why do you think that?”
“It’s Tuesday, no one has had me in to make breakfast yet this week and I have no bookings for later this week and I’m only cooking two drop off for this afternoon. That’s maybe a third my normal volume.”
“Oh dear.”
“I know.”
“Well that does give you more time to write and maybe by the time Nano is over they will have solved the murder and you won’t be under a cloud.”
I nodded my head from side to side considering what she was saying. “I might not ever get out from under this though. What if they don’t find the killer? Or worse, what if they do and people still don’t want food from a woman who found and touched a dead body?”
Quinn said nothing for a moment. After a long drought from her morning nectar she took a deep breath and said very carefully, “Maybe this is a sign that’s its time for you to move on from this holding pattern you’ve been operating in for years.”
“This is not a holding pattern, this is my life, Quinn.” I was angry now as I rarely was with her.

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