Wednesday Words 11.8

Did you hear that loud crashing sound? Yup, that was my stomach falling though the floor as I pressed send on an email to that editor at Source from SIWC. Gulp.

I am working hard on rewriting the murder mystery in question. I know, I know, why did I pitch something that wasn’t done?

Well, the truth is I went to Surrey to pitch something else but went down hard in flames. Rather than keep doing the same thing over again, hello insanity,  I took my first chapter of the murder mystery, which I brought for an editing session, and I threw that up against the wall. It stuck. Three times.

What’s a writer to do in those circumstances? Look a gift editor in the mouth? Wait, that so didn’t translate.

To be fair, I was honest and upfront and told everyone I was in the middle of rewriting.

So that’s the big enchilada, writing. Fast.

For the rest of you, you can still get that pre-order special (99 cents) of Ostrich Mentalityfor one more week before you gotta pay full price for my genius. Just saying.

How’s your Nano?


Wednesday Words 11.1

Happy Nanowrimo! It has begun.

Back in 2016 I sent Ostrich Mentality, unnamed spy novel at the time, to a ton of people for beta. You might remember this, I complained a lot about the conflicting responses. Along the way a couple of people sent me super detailed line edits. But I was so overwhelmed that I shelved the whole project for a year.

This summer I picked it back up, rewrote, re-edited, and now I’m on the verge of publishing. I send copies to a half dozen author friends, asking for a quote to use in marketing.

One of them responds, “Um, it seems like a lot of my edits didn’t happen.”


You have got to be kidding me. In all the various revisions and comments and edits, I missed hers.

Twelve brief hours later I had finished the worlds longest, highest stakes game of spot the difference. Because of course, 50% of things she commented on were gone – rewritten out of the book. 25% were already fixed. And 25% were rewritten but maybe or maybe not fixed.

My eyes are still blurry from that much intense screen time. LOL

Oh yeah, did I mention, pre -order is open! That’s right. You can get your very own copy of Ostrich Mentality for just 99 cents right now.

Wednesday Writer’s Update 12/7

It’s December, how did that happen?

So I failed Nano this year. I did not finish my edits by the end of November. However, thanks to an unexpected snow day Monday, I did finish my edits and my spy novel is out to reader feedback. Now I just need a name for it. Feel free to suggest some. The guests at my Sinterklaas party certainly did. LOL.

99% Lethal. Although that one might have economical/political overtones I don’t mean to imply.

Goldie Pox and the 3 Spies. My book isn’t really a comedy though.

Anyway, I am glad to have a few weeks break because there is baking and present wrapping and shipping and parties and friends (who’ve been way too neglected) to lavish with a little time.

How about you? How was your nano? What’s your holiday plan? Any snow for you yet?

Fiendish Friday: Black Friday

Happy day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. I’m not out shopping. I go to the PJ write in now and eat delicious omelets.

But once upon a time, I loved Black Friday. Back when it was a sport of iron will. Back when you had to have the determination to get up at 330 in the morning and brave the freezing cold to get the best deal. Man I loved Black Friday then.

Seriously, the hubs and I would go to the Target in his parents area. They would keep the kiddo and we would creep out of the house at like 345. Be at the Target by 4 and then the Toys R Us by like 530. The shopping was so fun because the in-laws lived in a nice area. So the Target had a different vibe. It was down the block from Tiffany’s, Burberry, and Gucci. People didn’t shop it much. So there were employees standing at the end of every other aisle waiting to help you. They would load your new 70 inch TV onto a dolly and roll it out to your car for you. They handed out free lattes and mochas and coffee cake. Heaven. And the deals were amazing. I could buy pajamas and games and books for the giving tree without needing to worry about my bottom line.

Then we’d go get breakfast and be back at his parent’s by the time the rest of them were rolling out of bed.

Now it’s lame. The stores start their Black Friday deals a week or two in advance. They open on Thanksgiving evening. Not only is that jacked for people who work for these stores but anyone can go shopping after a day off work doing nothing more than eating and watching football. The sport has been ruined, diluted down to nothing. Bah.

So like I said, no shopping for me. Pajamas and omelets and write in.

Wednesday Writer’s Update 11/16

Greetings and Salutations my dear readers. I have been busy. Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Moving faster than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Saturday was Bard and Starlet. People say it went well. I nod. It was pure torture. And then when it was all over I got to see the video of me. Fat video of me. Bleh.

Sunday was writing on the road. I am half astounded at how many words I am pouring into my spy novel. And on the other hand, I knew it needed some help in the back half. I guess I am astounded that I am finding so many words to add. But I am.

Monday was a day of chaos at the coop. Half the school was out sick, leaving to few of us to do a lot of jobs. But Monday’s over and I think I have some good classes lined up for next session.

I am painting all the trim in all the rooms now that the painters are finally done with their part of the job. I am trying to get it all arranged before the Sinterklaas party we have every year. That’s the first weekend in December for those of you who aren’t Dutch.

I think that about covers my life. How are you? Drowning in Nano? The second week slump should be about up now right? Tell me all about it.

Fiendish Friday: Nanowrimo

I’m sad. To be honest, I’m not sad. I’m pissed off and jealous. I want to be a willy nilly writer again. I really want to do Nano this year.

I have two great ideas on bat too. Just waiting for 30 days of insane pressure to hone them into a rough diamond.

But the grown up writer in me. The mature one that talks about my career and all that jazz, says, you need to finish editing and publish your sophomore novel or you don’t have a career.

But I wanna play…..

Because that’s what Nano is, play. It’s fun, and exciting, and obsessively insane.

Sigh. I need to keep my eye on the line now, because I let that whole drama over the summer, cough cough pool board cough cough, screw up my time line.

Thank you for entertaining my two year old tantrum. Stomps feet, spins round in a circle, jumps up and down once or twice.

The grown up is back in charge. But if you have a moment…tell me, how is Nano treating you this year?

Wednesday Writer’s Update 10/26

Ugh, my stomach has launched a war against me and I think it’s winning. There will be nothing fancy about this post.

Nano is coming. I will write a little and edit a lot. I know that’s basically the opposite of Nano but live with it, I am. Assuming my stomach doesn’t actually kill me in the next five days.

Vacation is coming: it will be warm and sunny which means I must shave, but at least it will be warm and sunny.

That is all I have. Must go now….