P is for Publishing House

Assuming you are submitting directly to a publishing house without an agent here are some useful guidelines to consider. P

  • If you don’t here back from them, they don’t want it.
  • Just in case though, check the house website, they usually list the time frame you can expect a response and what it means if you don’t hear back, ie they are running behind or it’s a no.
  • Follow the guidelines carefully for the big items like Genre, length, exclusions. But if you need 1 1/4 pages for synopsis and it says one page, go ahead and use the extra 1/4.
  • Do your homework. Publishers are not robotic rejection machines. They are humans and will get offended too.
  • Sending something in for consideration below the minimum word count threshold is a deal breaker, for one editor on the panel.

-Why Editors Pass Panel

4 thoughts on “P is for Publishing House

  1. That’s reassuring! One publisher I sent a query to asked to see the first 15 pages, but I knew this one funny bit that had to get in didn’t appear until page 16~ so i sent them the first 16 pages. (It worked, they asked to see more.)

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  2. Great advice! Especially about following the guidelines. It’s hard enough to get publishers to take you seriously without an agent without making their point for them by failing to follow a simple instruction!

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