O is for OOPS

OAmusing mistakes I heard from the Pros at con….

“After finishing the draft for the second book in the series, the author realized the character flying the plane, had died at the end of the first book.” (Purpose Driven Dialogue Panel)

A first time author was offered a publishing contract with a mid level house. The author took his contract to a lawyer for review. He picked a lawyer who did not work in publishing. The lawyer told him the contract was not good, that the house was trying to rip him off. The author sued the house. The house won because it was a STANDARD contract. So the author was out the opportunity to publish, out the cost of the lawsuit, and the author was blackballed in the publishing world. (Norwescon 2015, but so horrifying it had to be told again.)

9 thoughts on “O is for OOPS

  1. Eeek. Oops indeed. A friend just told me about an author that wrote a book. There were too different teams and one of the characters showed up on both teams. His 8 beta readers didn’t see it, his editor didn’t see it. He got an email about it later on from a person who bought the book. XD

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  2. Oh, my. Mistakes in a book can easily be identified if one keeps a style sheet (hair colours, spelling of names, who dies when, etc.). As for the other story… ouch! Good luck with the rest of the AtoZchallenge.

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