Writer Wednesday 12/12

I recently decided to really pursue writing like it was a career, rather than a fun (ish) hobby. LOL. I know, I know, it’s been years I’ve been fannying around with things.

What does that mean, treating it like career?

Well, for one, blocking solid time each week to write and to handle writerly business.

Second, investing in some decent marketing.

Three, recovering an old book and having it make into an audio book.

Scripting the Truth is out there now on Audible, Amazon, and I tunes.

23 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday 12/12

  1. What do you have to do to turn a book into an audio book? Do you hire someone to perform it? Do you pay a company to do it? How does the self-publisher who has never done this before do this?

    It’s very hard (at least for me) to get a self-pub biz going because there’s so little time and just when I think I’m about to get a free chunk of time, boom, the phone rings and someone needs help with their latest disaster.

    I hope one day it will be my career. I could see myself renting an office and running my own little self publishing company out of it. There are great success stories for people who quit their jobs and just dove into self pub face first but I don’t think I could ever do that. Joana Penn has a nice post on her blog though about how she quit her job to pursue writing ten years ago and how that ended up a big success.

    Anyway, good luck. Keep working on your novel about the wiener chopper. I think you’ve got something there.

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    1. I did mine through ACX. You can hire someone there or do it yourself. Make sure you are careful about the audio requirements though, if you do it yourself. Some readers work on profit share, which goes on 7 years. Others want pay per finished hour. Negotiate that. There’s a lot of safe guards built into ACX so no one gets screwed over. LOL. It’s pretty fool proof.


      1. So you just give it to ACX and decide how you’ll pay and they handle the rest? Do you get to pick the reader? I guess I have a lot of questions. Like, they make the final product? I wouldn’t have to stay up all night having to figure out how to make an audiobook or something? It does sound cool.

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      2. I’m happy to answer questions. You post a test script. Then ACX “advertises” your job to their audio readers. Readers send in their interpretation of your script. You listen and decide on one you like, negotiate fees or share, and then send them the whole script once you have signed a contract through acx with them. They do all the recording and post it to ACX. You do need to listen to the whole thing when they are done to catch any mistakes. Mine was superb and had only 5 changes I wanted when all was said and done. Once you both agree it is good, and verify both sides of the contract are met, ACX produces and puts it out for sale on audible, i tunes, and amazon.


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