Fiendish Friday Vanity

8 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday Vanity

  1. I wish I could find a picture of our hall bathroom when we bought our house, I think it would make you feel better: 70’s chained lantern lights, weird, yellow glaze on the walls, mustard-yellow sink (which is still there and I am learning to embrace it as it’s probably going to be with us for a while) and mismatched drawer fronts on the vanity. NOT that I’m saying you need to embrace your shell motif . . . good luck finding your vanity!

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  2. Oh to be in England! I’ve just bought a wall hanging ‘cabinet’ purpose built for a sink to sit on and be plumbed in to, only took my wife about 6 weeks to decide which one, for me it was obvious, the first one I saw under £500. Ensuite actually being built as part of a relatively small extension, the nightmare continues re choice of tiles, shower unit, mirrors and on and on and on …. and I have to ask ‘what the hell is a vanity?”

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  3. Third world problems! 🙂 But it is frustrating nonetheless… My home, clothing and anything else with potential style tends to be rather practical and then adorned with things I like to look at. This is partly due to those exorbitant prices you’re bemoaning, but also I can rarely find something I actually like as well. Who are they designing this stuff for? Why can’t they read my mind?

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