Fiendish Friday: Positive Peer Pressure

I talk now and then about my son. He has special needs and we’ve had some learning challenges. His eyes were misaligned and he could not see correctly to learn to read until we figured this out and got him medical assistance to realign his eyes. Which insurance didn’t cover because it was a learning disability? Seriously? Whatever, that’s a post of other horse.

All of this is to explain it has taken some effort to get my son to embrace reading as a fun past time. I started with books about star wars and avengers and scooby doo. But then he quickly moved past those type of readers. Now what?

He would not try anything new.

Then I hit upon a scheme of epic proportion. I would get audio books from a new author, play them in the car without telling him it was a new author and then when he loved it, I would whip out other books from the same author and say look, more x, y, z.

But that is a lot of work. Like seriously. I do it, because he’s my kid. But holy cow batman, that’s a lot of planning and effort.

So the other day we’re at the library for a chess meet up and afterwards the kids are all looking through the youth section books. A very pretty little blond girl hands my son a book he has never read, by an author he has never read, and says “You’ll like this.”

He nods, says ok, and pulls every book in the series off the shelf.

ROFL. Guess all it takes is a pretty blond.

4 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: Positive Peer Pressure

  1. ROMFL…I think you’re right about the peer pressure working too. Unfortunately, Mom’s word gets less and less heard and appreciated in the next several years. He might listen to you again when he gets to his late ’20s or so. Maybe put that energy into influencing his friends? Mwah-ha-ha

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