Book Review: Writing Jane Austen

After my mad experience last fall, this was a bit of a natural read. I’ve read it before of course, I adore Elizabeth Aston’s books. She does a delicious series on the Darcy women and then this one, Writing Jane Austen, set in modern times.

The protag, Georgina, has been commissioned by her agent and her editor to write a pastiche of Jane Austen based on a recently discovered first handwritten chapter by Jane. Wow. For some writers that might be a nightmare – sully the memory of one of the most amazing writers in history? Or a dream come true – pay homage to one of the most amazing writers in history.

The kicker of course is A) they want the book ready for PUBLICATION in 12 weeks.

and B)

Georgina’s never read an Austen novel in her life. Gasp. Shock. Horror.

But a series of unfortunate events convinces Georgina she must try. And try she does.

It’s a fun adventure following Georgina around England as she tries to avoid her publisher and her agent and anything to do with Jane Austen while looking as though she’s doing research. LOL

℘℘℘℘ – Four Pages. Amusing. Fun. A titch predictable if you read Austen but a good time none the less.

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