Nano 2015 # 11

I left the house so early this morning considering I was nicely dressed with make up and my kiddo. We had tickets to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Seattle. First play for my kiddo. He loved every minute of it. Could not stop clapping. Count not stop telling me how great it was, could we do it again. Love this stuff with kiddo.

Then we did lunch with friends and a trip to the playground in front of the emp and then a play date at a friends house. I got home at 4 sooo tired. But I had 25 minutes to nap before the sitter got there. Yeah. So sitter no showed and when I texted her, yeah, she forgot to cancel. Slaps forehead- my own, no child abuse here. So too late to make other arrangements. And while I sometimes bring kiddo to write in, never during Nano. Word count is sacred. LOL

Have you ever tried to write at home while your kiddo, your dog, and your hubby want your attention? laughing. My cell phone also wouldn’t stop going off. My SIL and several friends who hadn’t texted in weeks decided tonight was the night to blow my phone up. laughing and a few tears.

Words written: 964 (so not helping my deficit)

Time spent: an hour I think, maybe, in bits.

Total Words: 17012

Estimated Completion: Dec 3. Totally going the wrong way here.


“I maintain we have no proof Harold was embezzling club money and it would be disrespectful to trouble his widow at this time.” Roger sounded a might tetchy. If I were one of the other members of the board, I might start to wonder if Roger and Harold were partners. Maybe Roger killed Harold to use him as a scapegoat.
*”We have to do something about this Roger. We can’t just keep our heads buried in the sand and pretend everything is fine. We have to provide an accounting to the members before the end of the year party. We have five weeks to get this all straightened out.” Magda’s tone was becoming strident.
“Fine.” Roger clanked his coffee cup back into the saucer. “Fine. You go talk to widow. You tell her you think her husband was embezzling.”
Matt’s voice intruded again. “There is no need to say anything like that. In fact it would legally dangerous to make such a comment without evidence. Magda and I can simply provide our condolences and ask for the paperwork.”
“Matt, you’re not even on the board.” Roger snarked.
I couldn’t make out a response. I was dying to know what Matt was saying or maybe just implying via facial expression. Eventually Solidad spoke up, “I agree we should ask for the paperwork, kindly, gently. I will go with Magda if you want it to be a board member only trip Roger.”
“I’m not going.” Roger replied.
“Then Magda and I will.” Solidad continued.
I didn’t catch Roger’s reply because a chair scraped back on the floor. I ran on tip toe to the kitchen proper where I managed to be putting food in Tupperware when Magda came in.
“Tess, thank you for the meal. You can leave the mess for Emily, she’ll clean up in the morning.”
I nodded. “I’ll just get everything in to soak so it’s less work on her.”
Magda smiled and patted my arm. I could hear the others moving back into the front room for after dinner drinks. God, how much alcohol did one meal need? I stepped over to the laptop, saved my file to the cloud and closed Magda’s email. I shut the laptop down and returned it to it’s shelf before Magda or Matt came back and noticed it missing.

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