Tuesday Tremors

Yesterday, talking with a friend, she mentioned how my book has a similar feel and pacing to the TV show Nero Wolfe. That started rolling around in my head. Imagine a gentler pin ball, bouncing off all my insecurities and issues.

And then I saw how hard I was getting flamed on another blog I participate in. And I started to think, wow, I can’t even make myself understood here.

And then this morning I read a post about how sad it is when writers think they are great, that they have awesome talent, and really it’s so bad you can barely follow their line of thought in the blog ranting about how great they are.

I am a copy cat, with no talent, and no ability to form logical trains of thought.

All of this, has led to a triple word score of I suck today. I sit here looking at my nanonovel from 2015 wanting to add more words to it. Needing to add more words to it, hello I have a class to teach in a little over a month and I need a nano novel to demonstrate on. But I can’t write a word.

I have suckitis. And who am I to think I have anything worth saying to a class full of Nano publishing hopefuls.

What do you do when a case of suckitis rears up and takes over your creative brain? Surely, this happens to others? Help me out here.

Or maybe I just suck and should quit while I am ahead.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tremors

  1. Addressing your items in reverse order: 1) Don’t stop. You have great stories to tell and there are readers waiting to enjoy them. 2) Keep writing, or take advantage of artists dates. Yes, every now and then the creativity well does go dry every now and then. 3) We all start somewhere. There could be a participant in the workshop who is hearing words of encouragement for the first time – because of you!.

    As for the negative comments, I think some might be made by internet trolls (don’t go tarnishing the original definition of the cave dweller/fishing line-lure!) Ignore them.

    That’s my nickel’s worth. (smile)

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  2. Chase those crazy doubts out your brain.

    I think it is cool to have a style. I love you for this style and your confidence. Do you know how many times I wish I had even a fraction of your confidence?

    When I see your blog in email, I smile. It is a bright spot in my crazy days that I look forward too. Inside I do a little jump up and down and a goofy little hand clap saying “yip-ee” in my head.

    Your journey is one of hope And fulfillment. You have passion, dedication and are dependable. This inspires many people, like me, howevdr not everyone will get it. They are probably jealous haters anyway, don’t let them bring you down.

    Bring back, bring back, bring back Ms Henry to me, to me. Bring back, bring back bring her right back to me.

    I think that is a song, hopefully it kick starts a tune in your head that will chase away those thoughts and you start finding the words for novel again.

    I recall someone saying to me “you need a cup of coffee.” You must have written this before your coffee kicked in this morning. Get that cup of coffee and get going.

    I expect your blog to return to it’s normal state tomorrow.

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  3. K, I’m going to put on my 9-time NaNo, co-ML, FreeValley Publishing and reader hat…That’s a big hat! And the point is, I’ve seen a fair amount of writers go through this process, and you are one of the best. We all have our days of doubt, but you have plenty to say to those hopefuls. You’ve been there. You’ve done that. You’ve had the doubts and the cried the happy tears of publishing triumph. Remember that moment? I do! You and your book are a thing of beauty….I get it!

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  4. I think confidence partly comes from experience and trust. When you don’t have any experience it is easy (for some types of people) to be confident in your abilities because you just don’t know any better. As you gain more experience you start to learn about all the things that can go wrong, or all the other people that have tried and failed, and you start to lose confidence. At that point you either need to keep pushing until you have experienced enough successes to rebuild your confidence, or you need to trust in the feedback that you get from other people as to whether or not you are any good at what you do.

    I think you have a lot of experienced people offering you feedback that you should listen to. And of course, it would be good to keep pushing until you experience more success as well!

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  5. You do not suck. I repeat, you do not suck. All first drafts are a mess. Unless you are William Shakespeare and his rough drafts sucked. Just ask Richard Burbage. He had to perform “To be or not be” before it was “To be or not to be”. When he asked Will, “Who is this Toby dude?” he didn’t get a straight answer. Will knew he had rewrites to do. As far as some idiot flaming you, they should try to do what you do: Make something out of nothing. It’s damned hard. You just keep at it. These are just labor pains you’re going through.

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  6. I didn’t spend every day of November (and beyond) with a women with no talent … others here have commented in ways much better than me and with sentiments and encouragement I totally agree. You do your thing, be you and write your way and I for one will read. Cheers … now go kick ass or whatever you kick where you live.

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