Tuesday Tremors

Yesterday, talking with a friend, she mentioned how my book has a similar feel and pacing to the TV show Nero Wolfe. That started rolling around in my head. Imagine a gentler pin ball, bouncing off all my insecurities and issues.

And then I saw how hard I was getting flamed on another blog I participate in. And I started to think, wow, I can’t even make myself understood here.

And then this morning I read a post about how sad it is when writers think they are great, that they have awesome talent, and really it’s so bad you can barely follow their line of thought in the blog ranting about how great they are.

I am a copy cat, with no talent, and no ability to form logical trains of thought.

All of this, has led to a triple word score of I suck today. I sit here looking at my nanonovel from 2015 wanting to add more words to it. Needing to add more words to it, hello I have a class to teach in a little over a month and I need a nano novel to demonstrate on. But I can’t write a word.

I have suckitis. And who am I to think I have anything worth saying to a class full of Nano publishing hopefuls.

What do you do when a case of suckitis rears up and takes over your creative brain? Surely, this happens to others? Help me out here.

Or maybe I just suck and should quit while I am ahead.