Wednesday Writer’s Update 11/9

The kiddo and I have colds. This is not good for a number of reasons.

A) We had to cancel our trip to the Pac Sci to see Sherlock Holmes exhibit.

B) We had to cancel game night. bard-starlet-radio-hour-flyer-2016-ghosts-final

C) Saturday, in addition to writing one of the scenes, I am acting in two of the five vignettes at Bard and Starlet Radio Hour.  I don’t know how that happened.

Actually I do.

I said I would help at the first read through because we were short an actress and then the others decided I should keep doing those parts for the show.

slaps forehead




“Don’t anything great if you can’t handle the congratulations.” Free tickets to the show if you can tell me what movie that line is from.
Ahh who am I kidding, the show is free either way. Come on out if you’re local and enjoy my extreme discomfort.

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