Fiendish Friday: Cheating

Spoiler alert: this is not about marriage infidelity.

So the kiddo and I belong to a homesteaders club. The idea is to learn to do some of those skills that have fallen out of the main stream now that society can run to Whole Foods or Home Depot at will. We went to a Beginners Archery Class for example. The kiddo and I had a great time and decided to take part in a special tournament the club puts on every year at Halloween. Essentially it’s a newbie tournament. An instructor takes each group through a walking hunt course and helps you figure out where to shoot from, how to improve, etc.

So as we are making our way around, I notice I’m not doing as well as I thought I was. Everyone takes turns shooting. Then we all go to the target and figure out our scores. And I just was scoring not quite as well as I thought I was when I was doing the shooting.

At the 8th or 9th target I had this huge ah-arrownadsha moment. See the target was a werewolf and my second arrow had hit him in the nads. Everyone made jokes about it. But after everyone finished their shooting and we went up to score our arrows, this girl claimed my arrow as hers. And I knew it was mine, because HELLO, nads.

After that I started paying really close attention and she was doing it every target. Every time she could get away with it (if both her arrows hit the hay bale, she didn’t try to claim mine).

Really? Really? This is a newbie tournament where the prize is candy. Candy.

On the plus side it lead to a super interesting discussion on cheating with the kiddo.

Oh and I still had the high score for the group. na na na na na. LOL

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