Book Review: All Quiet on the Western Front

Anybody else have to read this in high school? God, I hated All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. Yawn, yawn, so boring. Why do they torture us with this tripe?

Oh, the different 25 years makes.

I just reread All Quiet as I am teaching 20th Century World History this year at the coop and I am assigning it to my kids. It’s always good to pre-watch, pre-read, pre-whatever material before you show it to teenagers. LOL. Especially when you have complete control over what you expose them to. I try not to abuse that privilege.

Anyway, I loved this book this time. Seriously, the interactions between the humans. The book says it’s a war story but really, it’s the story of men and the brotherhood they form when under extreme pressure. The beauty of their relationships in a world that is stripped to the bare bones of life and death. You have only each other. I’m going to cry again just talking about the darn book. LOL

℘℘℘℘℘- Five pages. Incredible classic. If you remember it as a horrible book you were forced to read, give it another chance. It is an epic journey of men.

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