Fiendish Friday: That was my time you wasted

I just want to growl. I have a friend who sent me a story for help. Line editing and some developmental advice. Ok. No problem. I like to help my friends and really I love to edit the written word. I made tons of suggestions and sent the document back.

Flash forward 18 months. Same friend asks if I will take another look. Sure.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. It is clear NOT a single change was made from the first set of editing suggestions I made. And I’m not talking about I suggested the plot needed x, y, z, and the friend declined to make those changes, I mean…

There used repeatedly instead of their.

Also were instead of we’re.

Running all the lines of dialogue into a single paragraph so you don’t actually know who is speaking.

Please shoot me now. To me that just says, you can’t be bothered to fix your shit but you want me to waste hours of my time. I didn’t go to yoga this morning to do this editing. I am not with my family on a Sunday, to do this editing. Because I gave a deadline, when I would have it back to you. And it means something to me to keep my commitments.


I have turned on my NO sign.

No one ask me for anything today, my answer will be no. It is Noday, all day. Nope. Nada. Nothing for you. No.

8 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday: That was my time you wasted

  1. When something similar happens to me I only give feedback on part of the document, and expect to see that part of the document fixed before I look at any more of it.

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