Nano 2015 – The End

Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll please…..


That’s right folks. I done did it.

I awoke this morning to discover my husband was walking the dog, I think he’s bucking for husband of the year, and my day only went up hill from there.

I wrote at coop where every few minutes another mom interrupted me to ask how nano was going, wasn’t it the last day, how many more words did I have to go, why was I talking to them then. But I know they meant to be supportive and so I thank them for their love.

I waited til the hubby got home to head out to write in. He was sure I would make the last “few” words I needed with no problem.

I went to write in. Where again I was surrounded my supportive people.

In the end yes, I made those words I needed without breaking a sweat. But I have to chalk a lot of that up to people who supported me, loved me, believed in me, held me accountable all month long. So while I get to win Nano this year, as always every year I feel like there are many people in my life who get to post this winner banner on their blog, too.

My novel is not done. I have just figured out how they might be able to catch the killer. So we have to do that. Then the big denouement scene. Then the wrap up. I expect another 15-20 K ought to do it. But I won’t be writing that tonight. It’s dessert time.

Words today: 4106

Time Spent: 4 hours

Total Words 50094



13 thoughts on “Nano 2015 – The End

  1. Wonderful! Isn’t it a great thing? You can be proud and you have some material to work forward from. It’s nice to hear you’ve had a lot of support. It’s so important and not everyone in a writer’s life gets it. Good job!

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