I’ve been thinking Thursday: Distracted Drivers

I once got a ticket for texting at a stop light. I groused about it a bit because really, I was at a stop light and the cop had to pull out of a parking lot and weave thru traffic, lights and siren going to catch me. That always seemed more dangerous than my text at a red light but ok, did the crime, paid the fine.

But sometimes…

This morning the woman in front of me stops at the green light. The GREEN light. I give her a 3 count and then beep my horn at her. She waves but doesn’t move. There is no other lane I can pull into. It’s a concrete wall next to me holding up the freeway above my head. I honk again and mouth it’s a green light. She flips me off, takes off peeling rubber, and dive bombs across the lanes on the other side of the concrete wall while going thru the light.

And I was a danger texting at the red light? Where are the police when people pull this shit, which is actually dangerous on so many levels?

5 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking Thursday: Distracted Drivers

  1. I was sitting at a stop sign the other day just waiting to pull out, when a car pulled onto the street beside me, going in the opposite direction. The guy stopped, yelled something at me, and flipped me off. Have no idea why. There are some crazy people out there.

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  2. I regularly park in the Washington State Convention Center lot. The main exit empties out onto a street that is partially covered by part of the convention center building. There is a three-way stoplight to control access to the road so people can get out of the parking lot, but people regularly blow through the stoplight without even seeming to notice it is there, or notice it too late and come to a complete stop in the middle of the intersection, waiting for it to change.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that people simply can’t drive.

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