I’ve been thinking Thursday: Distracted Drivers

I once got a ticket for texting at a stop light. I groused about it a bit because really, I was at a stop light and the cop had to pull out of a parking lot and weave thru traffic, lights and siren going to catch me. That always seemed more dangerous than my text at a red light but ok, did the crime, paid the fine.

But sometimes…

This morning the woman in front of me stops at the green light. The GREEN light. I give her a 3 count and then beep my horn at her. She waves but doesn’t move. There is no other lane I can pull into. It’s a concrete wall next to me holding up the freeway above my head. I honk again and mouth it’s a green light. She flips me off, takes off peeling rubber, and dive bombs across the lanes on the other side of the concrete wall while going thru the light.

And I was a danger texting at the red light? Where are the police when people pull this shit, which is actually dangerous on so many levels?