Wednesday Writer’s No Cafe 6/8

I’m bacccckkkkk. Yes I have returned from the land of sun. It was hot. Not like I think I could wear a skirt today and not have goose bumps hot, but dear god I need water and is that really triple digits hot. For a break, I took the kiddo to SF for a day, tried to convince him he really did need his coat despite the fact that it was 92 at 10 in the morning at Opa’s house. He didn’t believe me. Guess who walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in mommy’s sweater with his teeth chattering? Yeah.

Anyway, I am once again not at Cafe. This is getting ridiculous. I am at yet another board meeting, this one to placate the membership who is angry the county has imposed new regulations on us. Somehow the membership thinks this is all the board’s fault. Sigh. Right.

I managed only a bit of writing on the road trip, big surprise there. But I am committing right now to you my semi loyal readers, I will finish my spy novel by the end of June. Since I need a new critique partner, I will be going straight to a beta style of edits. Who wants first pass?

If you’re local to the Seattle area and looking for something fun to do this weekend, FreeValley Publishing will be hosting a booth at the Maple Valley Days Festival. Stop by and see us; bored writers are dangerous, we might write more.

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Writer’s No Cafe 6/8

      1. That requires me to install crud. I can do that but I must go put kiddo to bed. I’ll get that done tonight or tomorrow morning. I don’t have an email for you or would you like it done via your submissions page?

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