Fiendish Friday: Cinnamon Rolls

For as long as I can remember the smell of the cinnamony buttery goodness has made my mouth salivate. My mom made me cinnamon toast as a special treat when I was sick as a child. I’ve tried every cinnamon roll known to man from the cheap ones you get at 7-11 to the 900 calories of Cinnabon classic. The smell; it gets me every time luring me to come try a bite.

And do you know what every one of those bites has in common? Do you?

None of them taste as good as they smell. That first bite is a total downer, a complete disappointment.

There is a solution. Kyra’s Bake Shop. Their cinnamon rolls taste the way other cinnamon rolls smell. It’s heaven. Thank god her shop is three hours one way from my house otherwise my ass would be the size of a semi truck. LOL. But god do I love her cinnamon rolls. And her cheesecake. And her focaccia bread.

I am not a paid rep for Kyra. Just a devotee of the amazing goodness her bakery cranks out. And yes, it is ALL gluten free.

Oh and if you’re not driving to Kyra’s this weekend, Maple Valley Days starts today at 3PM, runs all weekend long. Pop by the FreeValley Publishing booth, say hi. Bring me a cinnamon roll from Kyra’s and I’ll write you into my next book, bring me two and I’ll write you in and not kill you off. LOL

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