Fiendish Friday: Civilization vs the Primitive Brain

I am a civilized human. I am. I take my coffee with cream. I cook my meat and eat my fish raw. I bathe several times a week. I apply my war paint strategically for attractiveness, not to instill fear in my enemies.  I sew my fur coverings into shapes, rather than fasten them with a bone. I am civilized.

I love my husband for all the civilized reasons. He is funny and he laughs at my jokes which might actually be more important than him being funny. He is kind and so brilliant he makes me look dumb despite my above average IQ. He’s supportive of my crazy desire to be an author. He takes excellent financial care of the family. He treats me like a true partner. We agree on almost all the big picture items, so much so that when we disagree it’s a shock to the system.

But at the end of the day, what I find incredibly sexy at my core, is his ability to rip a 20 foot tall tree out of the ground with his bare hands and a minimum of effort. sigh. Primitive brain talking loud and clear.

You know damn well he would have brought home the woolly mammoth, every time.

Thanks for 12 fabulous years of marriage my darling!

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