Saturday Surprise

This morning the kiddo and I cleaned the hamster cage. I try to get him to do it every week and if he won’t then inevitably at a week and half (the max the pet store suggested) I clean it myself. But today kiddo was all on board. Let’s get it done mom so we can go to the BBQ.


So we have a process. I always wash the ball part first so the hamster can run around the house in his nice clean ball while we wash the rest of the cage and re-bed it.

Generally taking the ball off and moving the cage to the laundry room wakes up Lego, the hamster, but not today. So I clean the ball and kiddo dries it and then he goes looking for the hamster to put him in. Big Surprise. Any guesses?

Nope, the hamster wasn’t dead.

The hamster pulled a Houdini. Somehow he escaped his locked cage. He was there last night. This morning he was gone.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise

  1. Lol! They are little escape artists and they fit anywhere! When I was a kid mine got out and we tore the house apart for a week. He finally wandered out, dust covered, from the mattress in the hideabed. They like to burrow in mattresses. I guess he foraged at night as he walked right into his cage, had a bath, ate from his stash and went to sleep. Happy hunting!

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