Z is for Zip, Zing, Zow

Norwescon was a mixed bag, but then life is really. So a quick post for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good: so many interesting topics I struggle to pick which panel or event to go to in a given hour, which in some ways was also the bad. There were numerous hours where I wanted four panels. Yes, some of that was due to my having a varied interest but some of the seemed like awkward scheduling. Take Friday at 11: So You’ve Finished a First Draft (how to edit), Catching Reader Hook, Line, and Sinker (how to write a great first page), Beta Better (how to give good beta), The Reader & Writer Pact (writing for your readers), and Single Combat for Writers: Creating Believable Violence. That’s five classes for writers all in the same hour.

The bad: stayed Zin the hotel. Oh dear god was it loud, ALL night long. I will stay elsewhere within walking distance next time.

The ugly: It’s never a pretty thing when a panelist introduces themselves and then immediately says I don’t know why I am on this panel.

Moving on…..

I loved meeting different authors, interacting with them, getting unique points of view. Heck, having a few things driven into my head with repetition. I found time to go to a few readings this year which enabled me to find new amazing authors to read, so woot for that. I hesitate to say I made new friends but I definitely made possibilities for new friendships. And that is what it is all about for me, the endless possibilities

5 thoughts on “Z is for Zip, Zing, Zow

  1. Looking out to sea at Lyme Regis, Dorset,UK just read your post, I really like this, a bit like aspects of the London Book Fair I recently attended, sometimes talking so much more than reading.

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  2. I was very glad to meet you! And yeah, kinda agree with you on the scheduling. It’s frustrating, but the flipside is it’s a task I wouldn’t want to take on myself, either. The juggling involved must lead to a couple weeks of headaches. 🙂

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    1. LOL. I did just go through something similar earlier this year, so I get that it’s painful to work out…but I still demand perfection. LOL It was awesome to meet you. I am thoroughly enjoying your book, look for more on that from me soon.


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