My little man turns seven today

and in the time honored tradition of this blog (ok I did it last year so that makes this year a tradition right?) I present to you seven things that amaze me about my son.

  1. He is open about how he feels. Whether you are his best friend and he loves you sooo much or you’ve hurt his feelings and he doesn’t want to play with you right now, he’s open, honest, and vocal about it.
  2. We’re in southern California. We’ve just spent two really great days at Legoland. We have most of a third day to do whatever we like. I offer another amusement park. To which my son says “no, I need a quiet day. Can we go play mini golf?” Knowing what you need and being able to vocalize it, priceless.
  3. Despite his youth, he is already a more adept and efficient traveler than many adults we encounter who don’t understand “laptop in separate bin.” Lol. There’s the kiddo swinging his backpack into a bin, pushing it onto the conveyor, and going through the scanner without breaking stride.
  4. Compassion. He really wanted to go on this tower ride, AGAIN. I told him I didn’t want to go but he’s six and pretty bent on going with Mommy this time. So we go, it’s horrible and when we get off he tells me that I ruined it. I remind him I didn’t want to go and tell him I’m afraid of heights. He takes my hand and says “That’s OK mommy, I won’t tell any of your friends.” Compassion.
  5. Everybody loves him. Everyone. And that makes me look good. Enough said.
  6. For his birthday he asked for donations to Make a Wish and Foster Kids.
  7. If it were not for him, I would not be a writer.

Another year of great experiences to come…

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