Wednesday Writing

I made it to write in tonight. I used the first few minutes while I waited for my desperately needed Reuben/no bread to arrive, to catch up on my blog interaction. I won’t take you step by step down my worm hole up I ended up at an article entitled How to Build Your Author platform in 10 hours per week. This sounded intriguing. Then I saw this line “After all, the only thing worse than not publishing your book is to publish it and get ignored entirely.” sigh. You’re telling my story, my friend. Strangely enough there were no new flashes of information in this article. I do all that and more (got on a book club and gave a meet the author q&a) and I am still unknown. sigh.

Then I spent way too long looking at the schedule for Norwescon. I was thinking of taking this year off but my sis is coming with my nephew who wants to go, so I’ll do a day with the kiddo.

Then, I ripped off the band-aid. I opened my spy novel. I started rewriting my first chapter. It had been mentioned by more than one reader that my first chapter felt different from the rest of the book. Taking a hard look at it after 2 months away from the text, I have to agree. I got too caught up in weaving in all the fun research I did and it came across as stilted. I have a very conversational writing style. I need to rewrite the chapter to be in line with the chatty casual way the rest of the book reads. So I did it. I started rewriting. I have no idea if it will be any better but it is different. shrug. Only 37 chapters to go. LOL

How about you? How is your writing project going? Are you doing Camp Nano this year?



6 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing

  1. Oh gosh, I haven’t even touched my novels from the past two Novembers yet. Someday. For Camp I’m just going to do a short story a day and combine it with the April A to Z challenge for accountability.

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