Book Review: And Then There Were Nuns

I know, I know, I said I was done with cozy mysteries but this one caught me with it’s title. It literally jumped off the shelf while I was at the library browsing on the last date night I had with the hubs. Yes, we are that geeky. But if you have a small child, you know, going to the library without said child, is exciting.

And Then There Were Nuns by Kylie Logan started off pretty good. Not great. Not ooh, this is so well written I can’t put it down, but good enough. This is apparently one of a series, and the “get a new reader caught up” portion was done ok. Not the best I’ve seen but no where near the worst. So I’m reading happily along, or happily enough anyway. And then…

All of a sudden, the head jumping starts. And these odd little extra thoughts, in parentheses in the main character’s thought stream. And I notice whenever something exciting is about to happen, she ends the chapter. Ok, lots of people do that. It gets you to turn the page, go to the next chapter. But you don’t get to see the action. Logan skips it entirely and you find out what happen when the main character is thinking about it or telling someone else what happened. Ugh. Shoot me.

And the mystery is solved with a big SURPRISE! Not surprised, not amused.

℘℘℘ – Almost 3 pages. I don’t know. It’s more than 2, the reasonably good stuff at the start gets it out of 2 page range, but…Fine, it’s readable.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: And Then There Were Nuns

  1. Ha ha, we were just discussing the ‘being a writer ruins you for reading’ thing the other day in the writing group~ put your inner editor away, darling, especially if you ever read one of mine- ha ha!

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