Wednesday Writer’s Cafe

Good evening my friends. First off I have to say thank you for all your support yesterday. It’s nice to hear I am just a standard insecure writer basket case as opposed to a special blend of crazy.

And what a difference a day can make. I wrote more than 2000 words today on my Nano Novel. At that rate I’ll finish this puppy by Christmas. Because we all know it works just like that. LOL. Snort. LOL.

On the way to write in tonight I saw a motorcycle with a fully lit Christmas tree in the side car. How freaking awesome.

Speaking of awesome things, if you’ve been waiting, the time is neigh. The kindle version of my novel, Scripting the Truth, will be a free download from December 23rd to December 27th. I’ll post a link when it’s available. But save the date now.

In the mean time, I think I need to go home to bed. My explanation of why I need to stop writing for the night was so convoluted someone wrote it down to add to their work in progress.  Um, glad to know I can be so amusing when I make no sense.




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