Fiendish Friday-Ridiculous Obsession

Apparently this is going to be a thing, at least until I run out of things to poke fun at myself for or you revolt and say no more, I am scared of you now.

A few years back I found this TV show on Netflix called Revolution. Maybe you’re seen it, maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you think I’m an idiot for watching it.

It lived in my queue for a number of months before one night, bored and tired, I wanted a quick episode to put me to sleep. This sounds familiar, but I won’t digress. The basic premise of Revolution is this: it is fifteen years after anything requiring a power source has stopped working. (There are no zombies running about.) Everything from our old world is just laying there waiting to be picked up and used, if only we could power them.

I thought that was pretty cool. It could actually happen someday, which is why I think the show was unpopular. People don’t like to be scared by realistic apocalyptic situations these days. I bet if Stephen King was trying to get his start today, the Stand would not sell, even in it’s abridged version.

I got sucked in of course and watched eight or ten episodes in a row that night. What I liked was the reality of it. They start out to walk to Pennsylvania from Indiana I think. It takes them eight or ten episodes to get there. Yeah, it should take flipping forever to walk that many miles, while dodging the militia and catching your own food, finding water sources, etc.

Then there’s the character development. Each episodes focuses on one character. In slices, probably after what was each commercial break, you get where they were just before the power went out, just after, how they survived since then. But on top of that they do two other things with the characters, first, they grow them in front of your eyes. You get to watch people change under extraordinary pressure. It’s awesome. And second, which is probably more controversial, they kill off people. Major people. People they have made you connect with. They kill them. Why do I adore that? It’s real. You cannot have people in a society with no modern functionality and have them skip through the roses. No meds means asthma, tetanus, or a cold can kill you. And it does in the show.

So why is this on my Fiendish Friday post. I watched the first season in two nights. I made my husband watch the first season, he said meh. Then the second season came out on netflix. I couldn’t watch it. I just knew it would suck and that would ruin the whole show for me. In my head the show was perfect and amazing and definitely a top ten for me. But if I watched Season Two and it sucked, which it probably would since the show got canceled after season two, all that would change. So season two sits in my queue waiting for me to rip the band aid off so to speak. But I can’t do it. I just can’t.

Anyone out there watch Revolution? Tell me Season Two doesn’t suck. Tell me it is as amazing as Season One. Tell me I won’t be sad and disappointed. Or tell me I’m right, who doesn’t like to hear that? LOL

4 thoughts on “Fiendish Friday-Ridiculous Obsession

    1. I never watched the show, but I couldn’t get very far into the book of Under the Dome. It seemed to me to just be a re-hash of other commercially successful books King has written.

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