Wednesday Words 11.8

Did you hear that loud crashing sound? Yup, that was my stomach falling though the floor as I pressed send on an email to that editor at Source from SIWC. Gulp.

I am working hard on rewriting the murder mystery in question. I know, I know, why did I pitch something that wasn’t done?

Well, the truth is I went to Surrey to pitch something else but went down hard in flames. Rather than keep doing the same thing over again, hello insanity,  I took my first chapter of the murder mystery, which I brought for an editing session, and I threw that up against the wall. It stuck. Three times.

What’s a writer to do in those circumstances? Look a gift editor in the mouth? Wait, that so didn’t translate.

To be fair, I was honest and upfront and told everyone I was in the middle of rewriting.

So that’s the big enchilada, writing. Fast.

For the rest of you, you can still get that pre-order special (99 cents) of Ostrich Mentalityfor one more week before you gotta pay full price for my genius. Just saying.

How’s your Nano?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 11.8

  1. Sorry your NaNo time is stressful, but how awesome to be motivated by knowing someone will actually consider what you’re writing! Mine is going well, and I’m so glad everything delayed Book II being published until after I’ve at least drafted Book III entirely. Things happen for a reason…remember that when you’re typing till your fingers fall off this November. 🙂

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