Book Review: Star Wars

Hi there! It’s me. Back from a two week road trip with the kiddo.

We listen to a lot of audio books in the car, even when in town. But when on a road trip we plow through them. So my next few book review may skew a little…YA? LOL

Star Wars: The Princess, The Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy by Alexandra Bracken is one of the kiddos faves. In fact, he loves the whole retelling series.

Basic Summary (Courtesy of Amazon):

Although the Rebel Alliance has won a few battles against the Empire, hope is fading. The Empire is about to finish building the greatest weapon the galaxy has ever seen-the Death Star. The rebels’ only chance to defeat it now lies in the unlikely hands of a princess, a scoundrel, and a farm boy. . . .

Acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Bracken delivers a captivating retelling of Star Wars: A New Hope like you’ve never experienced before. Since the premier of the original film, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker have become iconic, larger-than-life characters. The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy takes a deeper look at these three heroes as they join forces to defeat the evil that threatens their entire galaxy.

My thoughts:

Retelling had become big business. Hollywood has been remaking movies for years and it feels like every other author is retelling some story to get another book out on the market. Most of the time it pisses me off.

But this is not one of those times.

Braken invents back story that gives Princess Leia, Han, and Luke depth that the movies lack. Believable back story. (If the prequels made you want to pull your hair out, this might be the series for you. LOL)

It’s funny and fun. Star Wars has been an iconic epic for generations for a reason. Braken doesn’t subtract from that in any way. She adds substantially. The plot is still the one you know. She doesn’t change anything about that. And Leia, Luke, and Han are still Leia, Luke, and  Han. But now their actions make sense.

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