Book Review: Writer Mama

Sigh. If only I could rank this book based on the cover. It would absolutely be a six pager. This book arrived as a surprise. I opened the package to find a book I hadn’t ordered. Hrm. Inside the book was an inscription “I saw this and I thought of you. Much Love, M.”

Right there, this book is perfect. A human I love, loves me enough to think of me, buy a book, inscribe it, and then trek their ass all the way to the post office to mail it to me. I know something about that last one – I have multiple packages in my To Be Mailed pile.

Sadly, that is where the perfection of this book stops. It’s a how to get your start in writing for magazines, from 2007. Laughing.

I would love to say it had great nuggets of information that was applicable to all writers but …. no. She actually talks about including a SASE in your query letters. Ouch.

So how do you average so much love and good intention without lack of anything useful? LOL

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