I’ve been thinking Thursday: Supportive

I try to only be positive about my hubs in public. It’s one of those things I think is important to the health of your marriage. Praise in public, critique in private.

I’ve occasionally deviated from this. Once, fed up with his leaving his oatmeal bowl on the counter with oatmeal in it until it dried into a crusty nastiness of epic proportions, I wrote a post about secondary characters. Giving them a life of their own, rather than leaving them to serve the main character.  One of my examples was about a time traveling journalist who kept leaving his oatmeal bowl for his wife to clean. LOL

But today I want to talk about one of those ways, he is amazing.

I can not spell. And despite teaching writing, compositional and creative, at the coop, my use of grammar is fractured to say the least. But the hubs…oh man….the hubs…

When I was working on my bachelors and the hubs was getting his masters, we both had to take this lame ass writing exam. Two parts, 75 multiple choice and then an essay. Timed.  Essay was scored on a scale of 1-12.

The scoring was weird though. The better you did on the multiple choice the less well you had to do on the essay to pass, which got you into 100W, required by all majors on campus. Then there was a pass plus which got you out of 100W. And of course fail.

The hubs got a perfect score on the multiple choice, which was all grammar and sentence structure, but scored so low on the essay he had to take 100W.

I got the lowest passing score possible on the multiple choice, but scored so high on the essay I qualified to waive 100W.

Why do I tell this story? Because my husband painstakingly edits my novels, multiple times. Sure I could pay someone to do this for me, but they wouldn’t know when they came across an error, what I really meant. And he always does. He knows when I write a long string of gobble-gook that I meant to say something profound and will ask, then tell me where to put the commas or suggest alternate arrangements that make the significance clear.  You can’t pay for that.

And why does he do this? Certainly not because he has too much time on his hands and nothing to do.  bwahahaha

He does it cause he supports my writing and he shows it by giving me the help I need to make it happen.

Sorry ladies, no brothers. LOL.



Book Review: Writer Mama

Sigh. If only I could rank this book based on the cover. It would absolutely be a six pager. This book arrived as a surprise. I opened the package to find a book I hadn’t ordered. Hrm. Inside the book was an inscription “I saw this and I thought of you. Much Love, M.”

Right there, this book is perfect. A human I love, loves me enough to think of me, buy a book, inscribe it, and then trek their ass all the way to the post office to mail it to me. I know something about that last one – I have multiple packages in my To Be Mailed pile.

Sadly, that is where the perfection of this book stops. It’s a how to get your start in writing for magazines, from 2007. Laughing.

I would love to say it had great nuggets of information that was applicable to all writers but …. no. She actually talks about including a SASE in your query letters. Ouch.

So how do you average so much love and good intention without lack of anything useful? LOL