Fiendish Friday: Black Friday

Happy day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. I’m not out shopping. I go to the PJ write in now and eat delicious omelets.

But once upon a time, I loved Black Friday. Back when it was a sport of iron will. Back when you had to have the determination to get up at 330 in the morning and brave the freezing cold to get the best deal. Man I loved Black Friday then.

Seriously, the hubs and I would go to the Target in his parents area. They would keep the kiddo and we would creep out of the house at like 345. Be at the Target by 4 and then the Toys R Us by like 530. The shopping was so fun because the in-laws lived in a nice area. So the Target had a different vibe. It was down the block from Tiffany’s, Burberry, and Gucci. People didn’t shop it much. So there were employees standing at the end of every other aisle waiting to help you. They would load your new 70 inch TV onto a dolly and roll it out to your car for you. They handed out free lattes and mochas and coffee cake. Heaven. And the deals were amazing. I could buy pajamas and games and books for the giving tree without needing to worry about my bottom line.

Then we’d go get breakfast and be back at his parent’s by the time the rest of them were rolling out of bed.

Now it’s lame. The stores start their Black Friday deals a week or two in advance. They open on Thanksgiving evening. Not only is that jacked for people who work for these stores but anyone can go shopping after a day off work doing nothing more than eating and watching football. The sport has been ruined, diluted down to nothing. Bah.

So like I said, no shopping for me. Pajamas and omelets and write in.

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