Book Review: Death Among the Doilies

Feeding my new addiction I went to the library and grabbed every cozy mystery I could find before my SoCal trip. I expected to read a number of them while waiting for people to get off roller coasters and I did.

Death Among the Doilies by Mollie Cox Bryan was …. ok. A day later I had to think hard to remember who committed the murder. It just sort of was. It laid there, not doing much but not offending, so I read on.

Cora and Jane are our main characters. They have started a crafting retreat business. It’s a cute idea but the reality of it sticks in my craw. Perhaps because I have a hard time imaging people paying enough money to support both of them, pay an expensive mortgage on a historical mansion, and pay back investors. For crafting? shrug. I don’t buy it.

Jane is accused of a local murder. Then a second murder occurs all while their first weekend retreat is occurring. A lot of the issues turn on Cora’s complete failure to run background checks on anyone she hires. Which given her double digit years as a counselor in a women’s shelter is completely believable. LOL

℘℘℘- Three Pages. It was fine. I read it. I can’t say it was funny. But it was ok.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Death Among the Doilies

  1. I hope I never get It was fine, as a review…lol. This one sounds like the author was looking for a gimmick to get women to buy the book – never a good thing. I may be reading things into the intent, but if it wasn’t written believably in that setting it’s immediately suspect of marketing ploys for me. 😉

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