Wednesday Writers Cafe 1/6

I met with my good friend S tonight before Cafe to hash out the outline for the class I am teaching next Saturday, with her assistance. We keep joking it’s my baby but she’s playing Doctor Spock. Ha-ha. So the class is actually a year long seminar/workshop series called Nano to Publish. Basically we are taking anyone who shows up through the process of turning their raw Nano novel into a published quality novel by Nano later this year. So that’s been a lot of this week.

I also came to the shocking realization that I am almost out of book reviews. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I did very little reading during Nano and since then I’ve been reading my way through the Flavia de Luce series, but I already reviewed the first one in the series. I need to read some other stuff pronto. Except I’m already reading a homeschooling guide, a marketing guide, and a craft book right now. Ahh what I wouldn’t give for five more hours in the day.

We all actually worked at cafe tonight. I was sitting next to R, who was all about her laptop which made it easy for me to be all about mine. Some nights I love that and this was one of them. I needed to get work done. And I got it. Thanks, R, come sit next to me every Wednesday. LOL

So tell me, when you want beta feedback from someone, what are the three most helpful things they can do?


I’ve decided to report on my stated 2016 goals each Wednesday at cafe for a little prod of accountability.

– Research marketing locations for the next free giveaway for Scripting the Truth. Figure out the Reddit problem. Fine tune my categorization on amazon.

√ Reading “how to publish a best seller” right now. 2/3 done.

– Write 2500 plus words per week on my 2015 Nano novel til completion. (Only another 5-6 weeks to go on that, I think.)

√ A little low this week as I got a cold right after New Year’s and needed some extra rest to kick that down to livable. ~1500 words. I will have an exact count going forward

– Participate in one flash fiction challenge per month.

√ Need to write the one I promised to Dan Alatorre this week. 500 word story in the adventure genre, containing my obituary, staring “a courageous 39 year-old woman, who comes from a wealthy background, lives in a fisherman’s cottage and tends to be a bit forgetful” invoking the emotion guilt. Oof. I’ll post when it’s done so you can laugh. This was put together using some random generators. Not my choice.

– Prepare and teach “Nano to Publish”.

√ Preparation underway. Lots of new research. Outline for the first class half done.

– Edit my 2015 Nano Novel for 2016 publication.

– Non applicable at this time.

– Any time I am not actively working on my 2015 Nano Novel, write 2500 words per week on my spy novel until it is done. (After four years, it’s time to put this mess to bed.)

-Non Applicable at this time.

Non writing goals

– Prepare and teach two classes at the coop for the 2016-2017 school year.

√ well, since one of them is Nano to Publish, I am kind of working on this as I go.

– Take better care of my body, ie. stop compulsively painting, crocheting, and writing until my back or shoulder is so tore I can barely use either. Which leads me to …

√ I’m doing ok more or less on this, this week anyway.

– yoga daily.

√ Not to channel Meatloaf but four out of five ain’t bad. LOL


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