Fiendish Friday – Star Wars

I just saw Star Wars VII with the kiddo. Warning this post will have tons of spoilers so stop reading now and come back after you see the movie if you haven’t already seen it.

I grew up with Star Wars. I remember being a little girl, three, maybe four and playing Star Wars with my two older male cousins. One was always Han Solo and the other Luke Skywalker. I played all the other roles from IV in turn. I do a mad wookie voice. Good times.

So you can understand when I, II, and III came out when I was in my twenties I was mildly horrified. But I lived with it. I just sort of disassociated the movies from IV, V, and VI in my mind. I incorporated the lore that made sense and jettisoned the rest.  Like I get why ObiWan would take Luke to his Step Uncle, kind of, but why did Leia go to a complete stranger? And why split them up? That’s the sort of thing I ignore otherwise I get way irritated. Logic Flaws slay me, every time.

So VII, felt like I was watching IV with overtones of V and VI. Similar plot devices, similar action sequences, similar lines said in similar situations. Examples: Rey suggests taking one ship, Finn says what about that one, she says it’s trash but they don’t show it and then when the first ship is blown up and the camera pans over to the Millennium Falcon…Just tired and worn out. Later they refer to the whole Kessel Run in 12 parsecs thing. Finn says the same crap as Luke when using a gunner turret for the first time. As they were running the gorge to  destroy the death star, I mean death star planet, the conversation was so similar I kept waiting for Poe to say it was just like beggars canyon back home.

It was visually stunning. I loved the action playing out against the background of the old Empire’s half destroyed toys. And really, Rey is a flipping heart breaker. It is no chore to watch her run, jump, and climb like she is in fabulous shape from using her body rather than the gym. (I can appreciate an attractive woman.)

So we all knew one of the new people was going to be the off spring of Han Solo and Leia. He turns out to be the bad guy. Ok I can accept that. Given his grandpa, he could be prone to the dark side. But then he takes off his mask.  Who are they kidding? He looks like the offspring of Snape and McGonagall.

As a side note the cutest part was when one of the kids we were with gasps out “Chewbacca” it this uber pained voice when it appears he has blown himself up. I feel you kiddo, my favorite character too.

So here’s the silly me part. I got into a huge arguement about who Rey’s parents were. Everyone argued that she must be Luke Skywalker’s offspring. But here’s my arguement against that. There are a only a few ways this breaks down.

A) Luke is the kind of guy to knock up some random girl and never even know she’s pregnant. And the chick is the type to abandon her daughter/sell her when the going gets tough. Unlikely.

B) Luke is involved with said woman and still in the child’s life. He takes off after Ren kills all his apprentices. The woman leaves the rebellion base and sells her child. Like Leia would allow that after losing her child. I don’t think so either.

So who are her parents? Come on someone must have an opinion. Let me hear them.



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