Nano 2015 #1

whew and we are off. So last night I dragged my tired, medicated, sick butt down to North Bend for the first minute write in. Mainly because one of our MLs, Quinnleeeee really pulled a small miracle and talked a local business into opening just for the Nano First Minute Write In. After all her hard work, I could hardly stay in bed now could I?

Anyway, 20 minutes of set up, 90 minutes of gabbing, 20 minutes of writing and I was driving back home through a nasty storm. I have to say my first chapter is TERRIBLE. But this year I am letting it ride that way. Forward and on.

To the second Kick Off Write In, this morning at 11 in Fall City. 30 minutes of waiting for a table, an hour of writing, an hour of discussion about what we are all doing this year, our publication plans, and whether or not I should have a theme for my character photos for the blog this year. (I decided no. My brain hurts too much as it is right now)

It has not felt like a positive start. I am tired and still about 40% sick. I’m struggling to get my 1667 today. Struggling hard.

And it ain’t gonna happen.

Words today: 1421

Total Words: 1421

Time Spent: 2 hours.

Estimated Completion Date: December 6th ;(

Excerpt from today:

Detective Name Later was strongly tempted to slam the Liue’s door as he left her office but the smarter part of him knew the situation wasn’t really her fault. If only his partner hadn’t been thinking with his little head. Damn Stephanie Lewis. He knew she was trouble from the moment Tom introduced her. Flipping her blond hair. Batting those dark eyes. One of the two had to be fake right?
He stormed through the bullpen, grabbing his jacket from the back of his chair. He needed some fresh air. Some Space. Something before he lost his shit. In the parking lot, leaning against his car was his partner, Tom Southby.
“You just hear it from the Liue?”
Name Later nodded.
Tom inhaled slowly. Then broke eye contact to exhale towards the ground. “We had a good run. Sorry it’s going to end this way.” Tom stuck out his hand.
“Is this your way of telling me they are going to find against you?”
Tom nodded shortly.
“What the fuck were you thinking?”
“It’s not like I planned it to go down this way.” Tom shook his head, without words to explain.
“I knew that bitch was trouble from the jump.”
“Don’t. Just don’t.”
“You can’t seriously tell me you still care about her.”
“We should probably not talk again until this whole mess gets cleared up. I don’t want any blow back ending up on you.”
Name Later shook his head. “No way. Seven years together counts in my book. We’re family.”
Tom leaned forward to give a brief back slap that came as close to a hug as the two men ever shared and loped off for his car.
Name Later unlocked the door and slid behind the wheel with the realization he had no idea where he was going.

Character Profile: Detective Name Later

chrispineYou’ll notice I have no name for my leading man. He’s a detective, has been for some years, previously military, special teams, don’t ask. Currently working on a huge serial killer case. His partner just got suspended. He’s cranky, irritated, and not really happy about the current state of affairs.

So let’s hear some name suggestions for him.

10 thoughts on “Nano 2015 #1

      1. Ok … can see maybe not Jake …. Matt Lamont sort of in the same vein? Over and out from me for today … my NaNoWriMo word count almost non-existent … big push required for next few hours! Good luck with yours.


  1. So far so good from what I see… I started the last two years with a nasty cold. Plan in rest time just a vigorously as write-in time and you’ll be good as new in a week or so. Take your time.. See ya Tuesday night. (And you can always bail on that one and have me host if it needs to be rest time.) Hugs!

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