Nano 2015 #2

I think I have a new favorite writing location. So it’s Monday which means my hubby leaves early for work so I have to get up extra early to walk the dog, ie I am sleep deprived. Then I take my kiddo and a friend to the co-op, 45 minutes to an hour in traffic. Then I sit in a crowded room with all the other moms and younger siblings and kids who don’t have class at that hour. Picture the average elementary school cafeteria.

Add on it was melt down day and every five minutes a kid started crying. And every mom who knows I write had to stop by my laptop to ask how the new book was going. LOL.

Despite all that, I wrote 2222 words in less than 3 hours. Which makes up for yesterday’s deficit and covers today’s needed words and a little for tomorrow. Damn. Coop is going to be good to be this year. I was never that productive there last year.

Words today: 2222

Total words: 3643

Estimated completion date: November 28th. 🙂

Scene from today:

Name Later leaned back against the counter and rubbed his right eye with the heel of his hand. “Let me see if I get what you are saying. It looks like a drowning but you don’t think it was?”

The medical examiner sighed. “I know it sounds ridiculous. I found water in the lungs. The lab tells me it’s a match to the chemical composition of the pool he was found floating in. But there was no froth in the esophagus or mouth.”
“And that precludes drowning?”
“No, no it doesn’t. But I also found something that makes me question a straight forward finding of drowning. And that’s why I called you down here. Take a look at the chest. I’ve used methylene blue on the skin to highlight the abnormalities.”
Name later crossed to the autopsy drawer the medical examiner had opened. He steeled himself for the moment when he would actually need to look at the body. He trailed his eyes down from the closed drawers to the stomach of the dead man, then up to his chest where the medical examiner was touching some oddly blue spots on the man’s chest with gloved fingers.
“Four narrow gauge injections were given to this man.”
“What are possible uses? Reasons?”
“Given the locations, I can’t think of anything medical.” The examiner looked down at the body. “I have this idea in my head and I can’t get rid of it.”
Name later nodded. “Give it to me.”
“I think someone, the killer maybe, injected pool water into this man’s lungs after death to make it look like he was drowned.”
“You can do that?” Name later was intrigued, on the verge of excitement.
“Sure. Once the body is dead it’s not going to expelled the fluid. It will just sit there and soak in.”
Name later slammed his hand into the wall of body drawers.
“Did I just derail your case?”
“Not at all doc, you just gave me a new rail to run down. I owe you a couple of beers.”
The medical examiner laughed. “I don’t actually drink, seen a few too many pickled livers, but thanks for the thought.”
Name later laughed. “Catch you later doc.”

Since this scene continues with Name Later, our detective, no new character sketch today. Batting around Matt Lamont as a possible name. Spencer Hughes? Scott Hughes? hrm….

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