Wednesday Words 5/10

With the editing of others:

Currently just cleaning up the wording on the coop website. It needs a whole redesign as the prez wants us to enter it into a contest next year but…for now the verbiage is approaching readable. LOL

With my own writing:

I finished rewriting chapter one. And I am actually happy with the results. The new version sounds much more like my voice and less like narration over a documentary.


I’m doing ok. I don’t know yet what I am going to do with book 2 now when I am done rewriting it but I am working forward. I had a long talk with my co-teacher of the library series and we both committed to teaching next year as well; with a new topic, which I’m pretty excited about. I plan to do Camp Nano in July and I know what I want to work on during that period; so I am committed to finishing total rewrite number 94 of this damn soy novel by the end of June. LOL

Topic for debate on my writing:

Character Names. I have two characters in the spy novel with names that start with the same letter, Gareth and Galatea. A couple of people have mentioned that was confusing for them. Now they are different sexes, from different countries, and speak vastly differently – but people are confused. Yes, yes, I know, but I was a rookie when I started writing this damn novel. Hence all the rewrites it’s needed.

Do you think that is a wide spread issue and therefore I should change one of the characters names? Or is that it was just a couple of people who scan read and it won’t matter?

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 5/10

  1. Glad to hear the beginning is finally making you happier! I don’t think both starting with G is a problem, but because they both start with GA, are about the same length, and contain almost the same letters, I visually get them mixed up. I would work through that as a reader, but it might throw me out of the story a couple times here or there if context didn’t make it clear who was speaking and it was tagged with their name.
    As far as changing it – go with your gut. I don’t think it’s insurmountable, so if those names are important to you…If smoothness is more important then…

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