Wednesday Words 3.28

I’ve been mulling over titles for quite some time. I’m thinking I want to give a little homage to the first lady of mystery, Dame Agatha.

Something like:

Murder at Whispering Pines Academy

Body in the Pool

Death at Midnight


But then I get crazy ideas like…

It All Started With Melted Ice Cream


Or maybe a little play on the lead detectives names,

TnT Explodes on the Scene

Ok that last one is silly, I know.


When you think of good mystery titles, what intrigues you?



13 thoughts on “Wednesday Words 3.28

  1. I like Murder at Whispering Pines, without Academy. It sounds mysterious and intriguing that way to me. Body in the Pool is evocative too, but much more modern. If it’s cozy I like the Whispering Pines, if it’s gritty I like the Pool.

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